Why You Need a Ring Light

Now that we're spending more time on camera because of quarantine, there is no better time to up your lighting game!

Ever since the shift of in person to online meetings I have been putting my ring light to good use.

I originally bought my ring light so that I could record high quality videos for my job, but it wasn't until the quarantine that I learned how terrible the lighting in my house is.

I have been firing up my ring light for work calls, but now that comedy has shifted to an online platform (for the time being) I find that the professional lighting makes me look more legit on camera.

The Difference

Whether you want to brighten yourself up for a Zoom call or you just want to take a fire selfie, watch this video to see just how much of a difference a ring light can make:

See the difference? The first 4 seconds is with the ring light on... and at 5 seconds I turn it off.

Get Your Own!

So, truth be told, I actually have 3 ring lights— each with a different purpose! That's the beauty of being in media... so much equipment... so little time.

Here are the 3 ring lights that I recommend to people: from selfies to professional shoots, there is the perfect lighting for everyone.

Just click on the pictures to buy the one you want!

Selfie Case

This is my go-to lighting for when I'm at concerts or at theme parks. The outer rim of this case on the front camera side lights up to ensure that no matter the time or place, you'll be able to take well lit pics and videos!

For $19.99 you can start taking stellar selfies with this case from Amazon!

Wireless Ring Light

This ring light is ideal when you're out-and-about taking videos and pictures of things that aren't your face.

I use this light when I am taking pictures of food! The best feature of this is that you can clip it to your phone. If you need to move the light around you can, but the clip feature makes it an efficient and easy tool for your IG pics.

Don't get me wrongyou can still clip this onto your phone and use the front-facing camera!

This one is perfect for Zoom because you can attach it to your computer as well!

Trust me— it's the easiest way to look good on a work call!

Get your own from Amazon for $24.99.

The Main Event

This one is a more expensive ring light. It is a professional grade light that is perfect for your at home studio.

I don't recommend this one to people who are not in any kind of media or content creator role.

If you're looking to build your at home studio, then this is the ring light for you. Although you can pack this up in your car and take it to shooting location, I don't personally do that.

I have this one in my home studio, and I use it for when I need to take pictures of my outfits, flat lays, and vlogs!

Check it out here and see if it fits what you need!

Bottom Line

Whether you are a content creator or you just want to brighten yourself up on your next Zoom call, you won't be disappointed with any of these option!

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