NYC Filming Location

We visited some filming locations from some of our favorite movies and shows! Ghostbusters, Sex and The City, Friends, and Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl

We never watched Gossip Girl when it was originally airing on TV. We streamed it on Netflix years after the show had finished. Rebecca started watching it when she was at school and she highly recommended that I started watching it.

This turned into one of our favorite shows. Not so much for the plot, but for the glamorous lifestyles and, of course, the fashion!

Gossip Girl follows the lives of "Manhattan's elite" and primarily takes place in the Upper East Side of New York. Again, Rebecca's attention to detail and superior organizational skills found a way to hit all of the major landmarks of the show, all within a few hours!

Rebecca did her research, mapped out the locations, and took us on an efficient self-guided Gossip Girl tour in the city.

Pulitzer Fountain

Remember when Blair and Serena ditched Elenor's photoshoot and did their own impromptu shoot around the city? Here is the fountain they took a picture in front of with their chunky digital camera... (It looks nicer in the summer).

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"Spotted on the steps of the Met: an S. and B. power struggle" - Gossip Girl

Every morning before school, the "it" girls of Constance would meet at the Met steps for light gossip and light yogurt. If you notice, there aren't any scenes shot inside of a classroom. There were far more interesting things to see in NYC.

When we were taking our pictures here Rebecca reminded me that no one was allowed to sit on a higher step than Blair. Just another eye-roll worthy rule of Queen B.

1136 Fifth Avenue

Blair's apartment building is located on Fifth Avenue, which is known for expensive real estate and home to luxury stores like Gucci, Bergdorf Goodman, and Harry Winston. It is perfectly fitting that Blair would live here.

She is meant to live in the penthouse suite of this apartment building. Although the inside of her apartment was filmed elsewhere, this is the outside used outdoor shots and b-roll footage.

The Museum of the History of New York

Constance Billard School for Girls and St. Jude's School for Boys are meant to be the most elite private schools in the Upper East Side. The entrance of the school was filmed in front of The Museum of The History of New York.

They didn't use the inside of the museum for the school, but a lot of the drama would unfold right out here! Remember when Little J threw her yogurt on Blair when she fell from power? Remember when Serena received a crate full of champaign from Georgina? That all happened right here!

Lotte New York Palace

Remember when Dan picked up Serena for their very first date? That was right outside of their temporary housing, The Palace!

The van der Woodsen's end up moving to their penthouse apartment for the rest of the show in Season 2, but when Serena moved back to NYC this is where she stayed!

This looked the most like the show, in my opinion! Many of the locations we visited had undergone renovations and changes since the show aired. Even the gates were identical to the way they were seen in the episode Serena and Dan went out for the first time.

Other Locations: The Empire, Nate's house, Sheppard Wedding, and more...

We also visited Nate's house, but the building was under construction. Remember when Nate and Serena hooked up at the Sheppard Wedding? We found the bar where they filmed it, but we weren't able to get good pictures of it because there were a lot of customers.

We also visited The Empire Hotel, which is meant to be owned by Chuck Bass. We went to Central Park where Blair would feed the ducks, and eventually where Blair and Chuck get married.

There were so many places to visit that were seen in the show, and Rebecca found a way to hit the most important ones!

Grand Central Station

"Spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand: Serena van der Woodsen" - Gossip Girl

This is where the entire show begins. It was a must see for us! This is what launched the website, Gossip Girl! Dan knew Serena wouldn't want to be with a "nobody" so he launched this entire site dedicated to slandering her (and not to mention her friends and family) just for a little attention. So romantic.

DUMBO, Brooklyn

This isn't NYC, but Dan isn't from the Upper East Side! So we made a trip across The Brooklyn Bridge to find the Humphrey's loft.

I am not an expert, but this location seems to be prime real estate. Dan's whole personality was crying about how he didn't have any money. Once I saw his loft, I started to think it was all a front! Unless he monetized then there is no way he was able to afford this place.

Ghostbusters Headquarters

Rebecca and I used to watch the Ghostbusters VHS at our grandparents house all the time. We only had a few "kid-friendly" options to choose from.

These VHS tapes were stored behind the glass case that was attached to the bottom of the huge, staticky tv set. Our options included: Back to The Future, Bye-Bye Birdie, Cinderella, and Ghostbusters.

We didn't understand when Bill Murray's character would make sex jokes, or what the ghost was doing off screen to Dan Aykroyd's lower half.

All we understood was that ghosts were loose in New York City and The Ghostbusters were the only ones who could stop them!

It felt like a no-brainer to visit the Ghostbusters' head-quarters in NYC during our visit. In the movie they rented an abandoned fire house to be their office/lab.

In reality, it is a working firehall. And only the outside was used for the movie, the inside of the firehouse was filmed elsewhere.