Love at First Threat - Samantha Thompson

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I was working as a seasonal Cast Member at The Disney Store in 2015 when I met Samantha Thompson.

I had just come back from working at Walt Disney World, in Florida, and I was still feeling a little salty about my ex-boyfriend who cheated on me. And quite frankly, I was not in a very good place.

I overheard Sammie talking to a Guest about her summer working in Walt Disney World—and I instantly snapped out of my “Disney Cast Member Personality” and only felt fury.

I didn’t know I was working with someone who had ALSO worked at WDW at the same time I had been. What if she knew my ex? Or worse! What if she was friends with the girl he cheated on me with?

Once she was done with the Guest, she made her way backstage… and in a vengeful rage… I followed.

This is how our first conversation went:

Aly: Hey! I heard you say you worked at Disney!
Sammie: Yeah! I did—
Aly: Do you know (ex boyfriend), (ex boyfriend’s friends), or (the girl)? Because if you do… we’re going to have a problem.

If I had known Samantha the way I know her now I would have never gone in so hot, but as I said, I wasn’t in a good place.

After I confirmed she had no idea who they were, I explained what had happened to me. She immediately was sympathetic to my situation and asked me for all the details of what happened.

Over the next couple of weeks we worked together on and off, and whenever we had similar shifts we could be found making fun of our ex-boyfriends together.

Fast forward 5 years, and Samantha is still my best friend. We call it “love at first threat”, because we instantly clicked that day I chased her into the back room at The Disney Store.

We did two more Disney College Programs together (roomies!) and have been inseparable at Disney World and at home in Toronto. ever since!

Together we have travelled to LA, NYC, and Chicago! Our next stop was Paris, which had to be put on hold due to travel restrictions. We basically live a Pinterest board dream! 😉

She is the best travel buddy/bff I could ask for! 🥰

About Samantha

Sammie is a VEGAN! You wouldn’t know it when you meet her, because she isn’t in your face about it.

She is kind to the planet and promotes Veganism through education on her social platforms.

What’s great about Sam is that she explains the negative effects that the meat industry can have on the planet in a simple and approachable way.

She doesn’t call people out for eating meat or buying other animal products, but she’s always willing to answer questions and have constructive conversations! For that reason, she is an Eco Queen.

Sam also owns and operates her own vintage shop, Supercut VNTG. There are always fresh finds in her shop that are handpicked by Sam herself.

Check out Sam’s shop here! If you love something make sure you buy it right away because these cute and unique styles don’t last long.

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