DisneyBounding: Wardrobe Essentials

DisneyBounding is really popular on Instagram. Whether or not you know what DisneyBounding is, you've definitely seen it online or in the parks.

Essentially, a DisneyBound is an outfit that mimics a Disney character's color blocking to resemble that characterbut without the use of any costume pieces!

Disneybound: Dress Disney and Make it Fashion

Recently the DisneyBound queen herself, Leslie Kay, released her first book! I was so excited to get my hands on it, I bought it during the pre-order.

The good news for you is that you don't have to wait 3 months for the release of this book (like I did!). You can buy the book now!

Whether you're new to DisneyBounding or you're a pro at it, this book gives you a fun and expansive look into the world of Disney style. Buy the book here!

The Essentials

Although there isn't an exact science to DisneyBounding, there are some things that will make your outfit planning a lot easier.

One of the reasons I was so drawn to DisneyBounding was because Disney Style really allows you to express yourself without having to follow any traditional rules of fashion.

Leslie's book really emphasizes staying true to your own style. My OOTD really depends on my mood, but generally I would say that my style is eccentric and loud.

That's the beauty of Disney Style— you can dress as wildly or mildly as you'd like and no one will care.

I wore this outfit at Epcot in December 2019 and I can confidently say that I would absolutely not wear this in the "real world."

I'm not saying that I don't love this outfit! I am just not in the mood to be stared at down town Toronto.

Enough about! Let's begin, shall we? Here are some key pieces you'll want to keep handy when you're putting together your DisneyBounds!

Kitschy Bags

This is something that I always add—a statement bag! I believe that a kitschy bag elevates your DisneyBound and helps you tell your character's story.

This is an Alice-in-Wonderland DisneyBound I did in the spring. I was able to feature one of my favorite purses that complimented my Alice outfit perfectly.

My friend Cass bought this for me when she was in England, and ever since she gave it to me I have been looking for excuses to wear it.

Whether your style is wild or mild, there is a statement bag out there that's perfect for you! Check out some of the bags I have picked out with DisneyBounds in mind!

Yellow Shoes

I didn't even clue in to how many times I use yellow shoes for my DisneyBounds until Leslie Kay mentioned it in her book.

As soon as I saw yellow shoes classified as an "essential" for DisneyBounders, I realized just how many DisneyBounds would benefit from a pair of these seemingly unconventional shoes!

Find your best fit here:

Solid Color T-Shirts

I tend to stay away from solid colored shirts. If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I prefer graphic t-shirts. Especially the one's from Cakeworthy!

With that being said sometimes a plain t-shirt is exactly what your DisneyBound needs! For example, a yellow t-shirt can be used to create DisneyBounds for Simba, Flounder, Belle, Pluto and Winnie The Pooh!

The DisneyBounding possibilities are endless when you start with a solid t-shirt! Check out some comfortable and affordable shirts below.

Bottom Line

The items I've listed in this blog are just suggestions that I think will help when you're putting together a DisneyBound.

If they don't resonate with you or your personal style, then shop around online or in stores... there are plenty of characters ready to be DisneyBounded as!

Happy Bounding!

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