If you haven’t seen Chris Spokesmayne in the parks, you’ve definitely seen his videos online! Spokesmayne is a popular Instagram and YouTube personality in the Disney community and has been creating content on his YouTube channel for Disney fans for over 10 years.

Photo Courtesy of Spokesmayne

I first came across Spokesmayne’s Instagram page a few years ago and was immediately drawn to the fresh and fun content that he would produce.

Instead of Purple Wall Pictures (which I still love), he would post live streams and ride throughs of attractions, day-to-say fun in the parks, and his very famous parody videos!

Did I mention, he posted the very first Disney World vlog ever? How cool is that? Spokesmayne turned his passion into a hobby, and that hobby ended up becoming a viral hit for Disney fans all over the world!

Spokesmayne has over 35,000 subscribers on YouTube and his following keeps growing!

Spokesmayne’s most recent parody video “Disney Take My Money (Yummy Parody) at Walt Disney World” was uploaded on March 8th and has already reached over 480,000 views on Facebook and nearly 12,000 views on YouTube.

It is needless to say that the internet loves watching his content, and the good news is that he produces so many new, timely, and fresh posts that you won’t run out of things to watch!

He posts videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the content is unmissable. He also does livestreams from WDW, which offers the perfect escape for Disney fans everywhere.

Here are some of his most popular uploads on Facebook:

When I reached out to Spokesmayne to see if he would be interested in an interview for the blog, he described himself as being “honored” and thanked me for doing this piece.

With his great Internet success and a huge following, he still remains humble and kind—which is something I value as a fan/viewer!


Photo Courtesy of Spokesmayne

Aly: What got you first started on YouTube? 

Spokesmayne: I remember watching vlogs in the very early days of online video. Nobody was making any money, and YouTube was the only place to post. I’ve always had a love for Disney and a new-found passion for vlogs.

So, I just put the two together and made the first Walt Disney World vlog EVER called “A Day at Disney World – Interactive Video”.  I thought it would be a cool idea for people to walk around the parks virtually and click on the ride they wanted to ride.

A: What first inspired you to do Disney music videos? 

S: I grew up in a musical household, between my father and brother so I’ve always enjoyed making music.  More than anything else actually. We went to Disney every year so it was natural to put the two together.

A: Why Disney? What is it that attracts you to making content about Disney/ in Disney?

S: I think one thing we all love about Disney is the escapism of reality.  We go, we spend lots of money, but we create memories with our family that last forever.

Naturally, I was a big fan of the films growing up and my family always went to Walt Disney World once a year.  It feels more like home than anything else.

A: How do you get your ideas for lyrics? 

S: Ideas for songs could come from anywhere at any time.  Sometimes I will be in the shower when it hits or woken up at 3:00 AM out of a dead sleep and I have to write it down before I forget.

But most times they come to me at night, when I haven’t slept for 24 hours and I’m really… really tired. The secret is delirium.

A: What does the production for one of your videos look like?

S: Before I film a music video, I storyboard every shot out first. I draw the concepts or put the ideas in my notes.

I usually have a good idea in my head for how I want to do the shots. Over the years I’ve made extremely talented friends in videography, dance choreography, etc..

But it all starts at home. It’s fun to improvise shots once you get there, but you need a concept before you even begin.

A: What was your favorite song you worked on?

S: Choosing a favorite song is like choosing my favorite child! But if I only had the money to send one to college, it would be my firstborn “Welcome To Florida” or “Disney World Rap”.

Joking about the college thing.  I don’t have kids.

A: How do Guests react when they see you recording your videos?

S: I’ve never gotten a bad response from people when filming a music video.  They love it!  I’m generally very respectful and tend to stay away from crowds when filming unless it’s absolutely unavoidable.

The responses I get are hilarious! I’ve had people dance in the background or off-camera. A lot of them want to be in the video…and my favorite response is when I get a comment saying “I saw him film this music video!  It was great”

Those make my day.

A: What is next? 

S: An album. New originals. More Disney Music Videos. There are always a few things in the works, but you know how these things go.

Often ideas can come and go like the wind. Some good, some completely wack.  But my favorite kind of ideas are the ones leaving to believe, “It’s so ridiculous, it just might work”


Photo Courtesy of Spokesmayne

If you are a fan of Walt Disney World and love to see the new and exciting things happening around the parks, then Spokesmayne is a great creator for you to follow!

Check out his social media for yourself!

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