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Poshmark is a site that is a fantastic platform for selling and buying new and gently used items. Although the main items on Poshmark are clothing and accessories, you will also see listings for books, toys, and electronics.

Think of Poshmark as an online Thrift Shop that supports your community, environment, and wallet!

If you're like me, you exclusively shop online. I don't feel comfortable going to the mall during the pandemic- thrift stores are another place I don't want to go right now.

Because Poshmark is an online second-hand store, it has made the past couple of months easier for me to still shop and reduce my carbon footprint.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to start shopping on Poshmark!

5. Thrifting is good for the environment

You might have heard about how harmful "fast fashion" is for the environment, but you might not know exactly why it's harmful.

Fast Fashion is a term used to describe clothing that is rapidly produced to meet current trends and market needs.

"The fashion industry produces 20 per cent of global wastewater and 10 per cent of global carbon emissions - more than all international flights and maritime shipping." - UN Environment Programme

The fashion industry is actually the second largest pollutant in the world after the oil industry. Here are the harmful properties of fast fashion:

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When you shop second-hand you are not only preventing garments from ending up in a landfill, but you are also contributing to relieving the pressure on the fast fashion industry from meeting market needs.

My best friend, Sammie, exclusively shops second hand. Although I am not there yet, her commitment to the environment has inspired me to try a little harder to reduce my carbon footprint.

4. Finding unique treasures is so satisfying!

If you've ever been thrift shopping, then you know the best feeling is when you come across something unexpected and oh, so pretty!

Nothing beats the feeling of stumbling upon an item on a clothing rack full of garments that is perfect for you.

I have come across a lot of great finds at local thrift stores, but a few items have stood out to me! The other day I came across a wool houndstooth suit from Zara for $15. Another time I found a vintage jean jacket from The Disney Store (circa 1999) with the Fab 5 embroidered on the back.

3. Thrifting saves you SO much money

Thrifting is fun, responsible, and affordable. You can save anywhere from 50-90% off of the original retail prices on clothing you find at second hand stores.

Think about the articles of clothing that you've dropped off at a donation centre. They were probably still in style, gently used, and still wearable. A lot of times I come across items of clothing at second hand stores that still have retail store tags attached to them.

It feels so good to buy something totally cute for very little money. I am so into the idea of saving money on clothes and applying it to experiences (like concerts, plays, and travel) rather than items.

2. Thrifting is good for your community

Some second-hand stores directly benefit your community. Whether it is through a community outreach program, or the store is an independently owned small business, your purchase supports your local community.

That is a big win in my books.

1. Thrifting allows you to create a one of a kind outfit!

Sammie made a really good point to me a while ago. She said that it is way more satisfying to find a unique piece at a thrift store that nobody else has than to buy a shirt from Aritzia that everyone else has.

Something that I love about putting an outfit together is the idea that I can express myself however which way I want. When I dress up, I don't want to be wearing something someone else is wearing- no one does!

Shopping second-hand almost guarantees that you will be the only one wearing your specific ensemble!

This is the most exciting part about thrifting for me! The ability to be absolutely unique and original!

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